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Tension Tents & Canopies

There's something to be said for an outdoor shelter that does exactly what you need it to do. There's also something to be said for an outdoor shelter that has a really unique and eye-catching appearance. People who are looking to satisfy both of those criteria in one product often opt for one of the many Tension Tents and Canopies currently available. If you think you might be one of those folks, read on below to find out a little more about what this unique outdoor structure is all about.

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Far From Ordinary

What sets this subdivision of outdoor shelters apart is the support structure. By employing a combination of support poles and adjustable, high-tension guy wires, tie-downs, or ratchet straps tension tents create a roof formation that is both interesting to look at and highly resistant to wind and weather. In many cases, the canopy's peak is noticeably higher than what you'll see in other shelters, and the roof itself usually has a taut, smooth, and elegant look that naturally draws people's eyes. Additionally, this setup often offers higher clearances beneath the roof, making the structure seem even larger from the exterior and for the people under the canopy.

Varieties and Applications

There are lots of variations within this category. High-peak models, Star Shades, models designed for a few people, and gigantic structures intended for huge outdoor celebrations are all part of the discussion. Many are modular, meaning that you can add sections as you add guests, and some offer compatibility with sidewalls and even wall panels complete with clear-plastic windows to allow you ultimate flexibility when it comes to planning an event.

What you use your shelter for is up to you. How your next family gathering, party for friends, or gigantic blowout goes is largely up to you, too. Some people find, when thinking about what they'd like to happen at their next party and how they'd like it to look, that Tension Tents and Canopies fill both of those needs perfectly. If this is the look that you want and performs the functions you need, then this section is the place to start putting your outdoor plans into action.