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Type B Vent Pipe Requirements & Tips

How Size and Height Affect Stove Performance

The amount of heat the vent gases lose as they flow determines how much condensation will occur and how strong the draft will be. To control the heat loses, proper selection of venting materials is of vital importance.

Double-wall Type B Gas Vent, with an aluminum inner wall and a galvanized steel outer wall, has proven to be the ideal choice in venting materials.

A Type B Gas Vent Sizing Handbook is available to assist you with the proper installation. Click HERE to view online.


Vent Termination Chart

Using listed Type B Gas Vent caps may terminate in accordance with this table.


Gas Vent Specification Chart


1. Clearance to combustibles is the air space between vent and combustibles.

2. Maximum height varies with equipment over 50', for taller applications refer to SDV sizing handbook 2. (L202). 14"-16" Require screws.

3. When oval is used on wall furnaces, minimum height required from bottom of furnce to cap is 12', minimum 16" stud space.

4. Limited by sizing tables.

5. 18" pipe OD is one inch larger than ID and 20" - 30" OD is 2" greater than ID.