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Arrow Vinyl Murrayhill 12 x 10 Premium Outdoor Storage Shed - VT1210

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  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel frame with a premium vinyl plastisol coating
  • Mid-wall brace enhances stability
  • Paint is five times thicker than standard finishes
  • Roll-up "garage style" front door and sliding side door for convenient access
  • Resists scratches and fading
  • Easy to assemble
  • Over 8 ft. tall
  • 15-year limited warranty

Item Description
Ask & Answer
So you've taken a thorough inventory of your possessions, read up on the latest organizational techniques, carefully examined your finances, and come to the conclusion that you have two options. One, move into an apartment and sell all of your things or, two, resign yourself to being unable to get anything out of your garage without a lot of swearing and awkward maneuvering. There is, however, a third option you may have overlooked. An Arrow Vinyl Murryhill 12 x 10 Premium Outdoor Storage Shed can go a long way towards solving your storage problems.

Practical and Effective

Let us guess, you actually considered getting an outdoor storage shed, but dismissed it because it seemed like it was going to be too much of a hassle. After all, you're looking for extra storage, not a huge building project. Your concern is perfectly reasonable, but getting a storage shed doesn't have to be an ordeal. This Murryhill is actually quite easy to set up. All you need are a few tools and an assistant. And there's no reason to worry if you don't have any construction experience; the instructions will lead you through the simple process one step at a time.

Once you get your shed assembled, you'll find it even more-user friendly. Unlike most structures, the Murryhill features two large doors. There's a roll-up, garage-style one at the front and a second sliding one on one of the walls. As a result, it's easy to transport your belongings in and out regardless of their dimensions. Maneuvering while inside is also convenient, thanks to the seventy-four-inch walls.

Stress-Free, Not Stressful

Still think getting a storage building is going to be too much work? This Arrow Vinyl Murryhill 12 x 10 Premium Outdoor Storage Shed really can provide stress-free storage. It's easy to assemble and even easier to use. Of course, you could always move into that studio above your local pizza place if you think that would be simpler.

* Please check local building codes and CC&Rs for any restrictions related to installing an outdoor structure or to see if a building permit is required.
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel frame with a premium vinyl plastisol coating
  • Mid-wall brace enhances stability
  • Paint is five times thicker than standard finishes
  • Roll-up "garage style" front door and sliding side door for convenient access
  • Resists scratches and fading
  • Easy to assemble
  • Over 8 ft. tall
  • 15-year limited warranty
  • Size: 12' W x 10' D
  • Wall Color: almond with coffee brown door trim
  • Roof Color: almond
  • Storage Area: 110 sq. ft.; 801 cu. ft.
  • Interior Dimensions: 141 1/8" W x 111 3/4" D x 102" H
  • Wall Height: 73 3/4"
  • Door Opening: 72" H x 95" W
  • Recommended Foundation Size: 141 1/8" W x 111 3/4" D
  • Number of Boxes Shipped: 4
  • Please refer to manual for contents of each box
  • Total Shipping Weight: 430 lbs.
Manufacturer: Arrow Sheds
Part Number: VT1210
Elite Deals Item Number: ARW-VT1210
UPC: 026862101228

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8 Questions & 8 Answers
from Stratford, WI asked:
March 31, 2015
How are the two doors secured on this Arrow Murryhill storage shed?
1 Answer
If you click here, you will find the product manual for this shed. Starting on page 38, you will find the detailed instructions on how the doors are installed.
Brennan W. - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on March 31, 2015

from Aurora, IL asked:
October 7, 2014
How does the garage style door and the sliding side door lock? How much snow can the roof withstand? How many miles per hour winds can this shed withstand?
1 Answer
Both doors of this shed will feature a location for installing a pad lock for additional security. Per the manufacturer, if this shed is properly anchored, it can withstand winds up to 55-60 miles per hour. Additionally, it is rated to 15 pounds of snow load per square foot. Please note though that the manufacturer's warranty does not cover damages caused by weather.
Kevin - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on October 8, 2014

from MD asked:
September 17, 2014
Can I put this shed on cinder blocks or do I have to use a concrete floor?
1 Answer
We cannot advise placing the shed on blocks. You will need to build a concrete foundation. Advice on the size of the concrete foundation can be found in the product manual on the product item page.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on September 17, 2014

from Des Moines asked:
April 21, 2014
Can I get a truss support for my 12 x 10 shed?
1 Answer
We do carry the Arrow High Country Roof Strengthening Snow Kit. You will just need to use the chart on the item page to choose the size kit you need. Please note these are manufactured for use with the Arrow brand storage sheds only.
on April 22, 2014

from MN asked:
August 18, 2013
Do you know of any 10 x 12 storage sheds in a white/gray, or white/slate blue color?
1 Answer
I'm sorry we do not have any that match those colors exactly. The closest we have is our Vinyl Milford
on August 19, 2013

from Eaton, CO asked:
March 22, 2013
Can I paint vinyl? If so, does painting affect warranty.
1 Answer
You can paint it but the vinyl coating is there to protect the paint already there and you would be defeating the purpose of the vinyl coating. If you choose to paint anyways, please consult with your local hardware store for the best type of pain to use.
on March 25, 2013

from Lafayette, LA asked:
February 26, 2013
What side of the shed is the sliding door (not garage style) on? If I am looking at the garage style door, is it on the left or right?
1 Answer
The door can be installed on either side you choose near the rear wall.
on February 26, 2013

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania asked:
February 18, 2013
What is the height of this door?
1 Answer
The door opening is 72" H x 95" W.
on February 18, 2013

Product Reviews
18 Reviews
28% (5)
33% (6)
39% (7)
0% (0)
0% (0)
78% Recommend this product (14 of 18 responses)
By Jason
May 20, 2016
The product seems to be of pretty high quality materials. My only real complaint is the directions. Now that I've put one together, I could do it again a lot easier and probably a lot faster. The directions are AWFUL. It's like they just made up names for pieces and only they understand their language. The pictures are of no help at all. I wound up having to redo a bunch of stuff because the pictures, from what I could tell, showed assembly in one way but had to be the opposite in order for everything to line up.
ProsAll parts were packaged correctly. Once assembled, it's a very solid shed.
ConsDirections were written by a 2nd grader... and that's being generous.
By Jonathan Boyle
October 22, 2013
Metal Is Flimsy, Plenty of Space
The storage you get from the shed is great. Check to make sure that holes are drilled correctly and have a cordless drill ready to fix any that are not. The parts could be thicker as the metal feels very flimsy, and it might have been easier building a wood shed.
By Hector Crook
July 6, 2013
Instructions Need Rewrite; 12x10 Not True Size
My overall view of the shed would have to be mediocre. Reading through the manual several times would definitely be recommended before you start construction. Also, check to make sure that you have all the parts and screws for the project beforehand as I didn't have some of the nuts, bolts, etc. that are supposed to come with it (although major pieces were there). When you actually start assembling the shed keep in mind that the panels are thin so windy weather is something you should try to avoid when you pick a day for assembly. One thing to keep in mind when planning where to put your shed is that the 12-by-10 size also includes the edge of the roof around the shed, so although it will fit in a 12-by-10 area you won't get that amount of storage space (the base will be smaller because of this). The manual also only refers to a type of shed and not this specifically sized model.
By Joshua McCullough
January 29, 2013
Assembly Fairly Quick, Manual Needs Improvement
Once you have the floor ready the shed should only take two days or so to put together. The directions can be kind of hard to understand as they aren't very specific, and the illustrations need to be better.
By John Calderon
December 3, 2012
Good Deal, Manual Needs Revision
The roll up door for this model is excellent and really facilitates ease-of-use. I wasted some time looking for parts that the manual said that I needed, but it turned out that the manual is for this style of shed but different sizes, so that could have been clearer. Definitely have two people working on it (although one person can do it if they have handyman skills) as things will be much easier with an extra set of hands. The screw holes may not line up perfectly and some parts seem a little flimsy, but I definitely think this shed is a great deal and works well.
By Caleb Chaney
September 4, 2012
Great Product, Excited to Use It
Definitely close to a five star product. It feels very strong when completed. I would keep several weekends free to make sure you have time to build it and it helps if you are handy with a simple tools and power tools. Without the sealer that it comes with the building would definitely not be weather-proof, but the sealer does its job. Check the parts beforehand to make sure you have all the little pieces, but a local store should have it if you run out. If you have free shipping make sure you talk with the store you order it from (they might not have it down). I'm excited that I'm going to rebuild a Corvette in this building.
By Frank Velasquez
August 29, 2012
Good Choice, Takes Time to Build
Building it is simple but frustrating; there are a lot of steps. But once it is built, it is quite sturdy.
By Jakob Dow
West Virginia
February 15, 2012
Difficult Assembly Because of Horrible Directions
The manual was unclear and had a real lack of detail. It should really have something better that shows you how to do it instead of just telling you what to do with unclear pictures. Some of the pictures seemed to contradict each other, so the instructions definitely need some improvement. Don't do this alone (I recommend three people) or else you will find it impossible to build it. The pieces are very flimsy and can be damaged very easily. The assembly is definitely difficult.
By Earl
Mt Pleasant, Pa.
October 30, 2011
VT 1217 shed
Had help to construct and am glad I did. Well built shed but difficult to erect
ProsGood size and well constructed.
ConsSquare nuts provided were iffy. Some fit and some didn't. Screws for the exterior were a total disaster. Would be better if washers were attached to the screws. Would make erection quicker. Erecting garage door, I found pieces missing. I know one thing, the pad has to be level and square. This is a must.
By Oscar Mack
August 31, 2011
Excellent in Every Way
I have to give this shed top marks in every way. Cost is great, it is sturdy and looks good, and is simple to build. This shed has lasted me a long time and the only reason that it needed to be replaced was because a small tornado pushed a seventy five foot tree down on top of it. Even then it protected everything inside and didn't collapse after the tree hit. Unfortunately the tree cause enough damage that I needed to get a new one. The order for a new unit came straight to my house within days of me placing the order at Home Depot. It took about five days for us to build the building with two people working on it. This unit is definitely more sturdy than other tin sheds you can buy on the market. I am putting the shed on the same base as the last building (concrete slab), and expect this one to last just as long.
By Dante Bacon
June 12, 2011
Flimsy, Would Probably Get a Different One
The pieces of the shed feel weak overall and can be damaged with a relatively light impact. It was extremely windy (85mph) about a week after I bought it, and it was so damaged it had to be taken down. I built it without any help (I would recommend getting help) and it took four days to do so. The build was okay when you make sure to follow the manual and don't try to do things too quickly, although I would probably put out the money for another type of building.
By Jim Mitchell
October 16, 2010
It was a pleasure to deal with Elitedeals. The price of the Arrow 10'X12' ARROW Shed was reasonable and fair. Once the building arrived, dealing with Arrow was hassle free and most friendly. I Highly recommend Elitedeals & Arrow Buildings. JM
By Israel Salinas
May 23, 2010
110% Satisfied!
My wife and I are extremely satisfied with this building. It has stayed strong through many storms (where it has served as a passing place to sleep), and it was a great experience putting it together. My suggestion would be to get a professional to put it together (even though I put it together myself). It was exactly what I was looking for to store all my garden tools and to house my fishing gear (my Fisherman's Nook is my nickname for it). Not only that, but after all gear and tools there was still plenty of room for items from the house. This building will satisfy any need that you have. I didn't even expect this to be such an excellent investment, so I just got the most inexpensive building I could find to store my stuff in. I definitely got much more than I paid for in this excellent quality shed. I can definitely say that this is one of the happiest purchases I have made in a long time and would recommend this building to others.
By Tyson Hopson
April 3, 2010
Lasted Great
After more than 15 years of use (I got it in January of 1995) I would say that I'd get it again if I had it to do over. The only problem I had was some rust on the roof panels, but I already plan on buying new ones and putting them on the body of the old shed. The rust happened 16 years after I bought it so I just missed the 15 year rust-through protection warranty that came with the building.
By Julius Bassett
June 17, 2009
Shed is Great, Customer Service Could Be Better
I was pleased with the final quality of this shed. Ten hours was all we needed with a couple people working on it, but we found it easier with two cordless drills. I came with everything we needed, but the door to the shed was damaged while being shipped so we had to get a new one (they sent it no problem in four days or so). The only negative things were that the instructions were for any sized shed of this model and so were somewhat unclear with certain parts of the door assembly. Also, we eventually had to put the damaged door out on the road to be picked up even though customer service said two times that they would get a truck out as quickly as possible. I have no problem with the shed itself, works great.
By Everett Cason
March 9, 2009
Good Construction, Better Instructions
While the shed did its job exactly as we needed it to (and is very rugged after being hooked on a concrete pad), I would only rate it mediocre because of some problems we had during assembly. Don't try to put the shed together with only one person or you won't get anywhere. Three people would probably be best if your looking to get things done fast, but you could probably do it with two. The biggest problem we had with the shed assembly was with the roof trusses (we think they packed trusses for the wrong model in the shipment we received). After we checked to make sure all the siding was lining up exactly along the side of the building and made sure that we hadn't incorrectly laid out the railing on the floor, we noticed that there was about 1 inches too much of material on the end. Thankfully we had a band saw to cut the trusses down to length quickly and easily, but had we not had them at work it probably would have been a bigger deal. We also ended up having to re-drill some of the holes that the panels were suppose to mount too. Other than that the manual was a little hard to understand (sometimes we needed to go back and change something we had put in the wrong place), but it wasn't usually anything serious and with some proper formatting and better illustrations it would be much easier to read. As I said the construction seems solid (except for sliding door) and we are impressed with the quality of the main door. Overall, knowing how to make quick changes while putting stuff like this together it should make it easier.
By Steve
April 29, 2007
very good
By Kyle
Dickinson, ND
November 30, -0001
Good quality for a steel shed.
If you are looking for an ultra-sturdy shed that will withstand banging things into the walls, setting things against the walls, this shed probably isn't for you. It's rather flimsy, but fairly solid once it's erected. My neighbor insisted I could have built a much bigger building for the same price using wood, but I don't know. There is no hassle, everything comes packaged together, just follow the instructions and you're done. I built a couple of other metal storage sheds, so by the time I was ready to build this one, I knew what to do and it went really quick. Using some redneck engineering, I was able to assemble it myself, even when installing the truss. You definitely should have a second person for this. I have it anchored to a concrete slab and use it for storing my lawn tractor, snow blower and garden tools. It's perfect for that. You could easily use it as a garage for a car or maybe even a small truck. I expected the vinyl-coated steel to feel much heavier and durable than other steel sheds, but it seemed about the same. However, it seems to be much more resistant to scratching. Just be careful when assembling it because you can easily bend and crease the panels.
ProsEasy to install, scratch resistant, weather resistant, fairly sturdy once assembled.
ConsThe side door SUCKS and is really difficult to open. I can't get it balance just right so that it will open easily.