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Vinyl Storage Sheds

Vinyl sheds are extremely tough. If you live in an area prone to extreme wind, rain, or snow this is the type of outdoor storage structure you're going to need. But don't start to worry just because these are starting to seem like specialty items. There are plenty of options available, even for those with a smaller budget.

15 Questions & 12 Answers
from San Diego, CA asked:
April 25, 2017
What's the difference between vinyl and plastic?

from Louisville, KY asked:
May 2, 2016
What is the difference in quality between an Arrow Vinyl Milford shed and an Arrow Vinyl Arlington shed?
1 Answers
The Milford line of sheds features premium quintuple-thick vinyl coating, while the Arlington features a baked-on polyester enamel finish. The Milford line is the higher-quality version.
Justin R. - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on May 2, 2016

from Los Angeles, California asked:
January 9, 2016
I have a metal shed that is sitting on a concrete slab. The floor is part of the shed. The roof partially just collapsed. I'm looking to replace it with a heavy duty vinyl shed (10x6). I read the comments. Do these vinyl sheds come with no floors? That's the way it sounded. Are these heavy duty sheds?
1 Answers
Some of the vinyl sheds do offer a floor kit as an accessory item. The sheds feature metal reinforced wall columns for superior strength.
Emily - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on January 11, 2016

from Jensen Beach, FL asked:
November 5, 2015
I am in need of a shed for storing two motorcycles. It will need at least a four foot opening and be at least 10'-0" deep. I live on an island very close to the ocean it would need to be salt and weather resistant. Can you assist me in finding something for this?

from Brea, CA asked:
October 13, 2015
What is the difference between vinyl and resin as far as price, ease of putting together, and durability? I'm looking for 72 inches tall, 56 inches wide, 30 inches deep.

from Pensacola, FL asked:
June 16, 2015
Could shingles be added to the roof of these Vinyl sheds?
1 Answers
Due to the weight of shingles, we can not recommend shingling one of our vinyl storage sheds.
Brennan W. - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on June 16, 2015

from Elmira, NY asked:
November 20, 2014
I have a 2 unit apartment and I am looking for a shed style garbage bin. I am looking for something that is approximately 5 feet wide, 3 feet deep, and 3 feet tall. What would you suggest?
1 Answers
Something that you might be interested in is the Suncast 4.5 X 3 Horizontal Garden Storage Shed which measures 4 ft., 7 in. W x 3 ft., 1 in. D x 3 ft., 3 in. H.
Dawn - Elite Deals Product Specialist
on November 20, 2014

from Iowa asked:
February 25, 2014
I need 8' by 24'. Is it possible to connect three 8' x 8' units together some way?
1 Answers
Unfortunately, there is no feasible way to connect multiple sheds in this manner. However, you may be interested in our 10' x 23.5' shed. This is the closest unit we have to the requested 8' x 24' shed.
on February 25, 2014

from San Francisco, CA asked:
November 30, 2013
What do I need to install a vinyl shed on the ground? Also, we can get high winds. What will keep the shed from blowing away?
1 Answers
Arrow offers a Arrow Floor Frame Kit and an Arrow Anchoring Kit as an effective method of securing your building to the ground (Available by mail order or at your local dealer) or you may construct a foundation and anchoring system of your choice. You can find the kits located under the accessories tab.
on December 2, 2013

from Rapid City, SD asked:
September 17, 2013
Do these sheds hold up to large hail?
1 Answers
While these sheds have not been specifically tested, nor warrantied to resist hail of a certain size, I am confident that vinyl storage sheds are highly durable.
on September 17, 2013

from Hopewell Junction, NY asked:
June 23, 2013
What do I need to install a shed on a concrete slab?
1 Answers
A concrete anchor kit is recommended when installing a shed on an existing slab. The kit is the Arrow Concrete Anchor Kit - AK100.
on June 24, 2013

from Hasbrouck Heights, NJ asked:
April 10, 2013
How high is the doorway on a 10x6 Arrow Shed?
1 Answers
That door is 69 1/4" high
on April 10, 2013

from Los Angeles, CA asked:
April 7, 2013
I'm looking for an 8 x 10 shed that can withstand the environment of Southern CA. I'd prefer a vinyl shed, but I don't see one in the size I need. Would a 8 x 10 resin shed work for my location?
1 Answers
The resin sheds will hold up well. Just make sure to check with your local code office before purchasing any shed to make sure you do not need a permit.
on April 8, 2013

Kirk Brown
from Chesterfield VA asked:
December 31, 2012
I would like a price quote on one 12 ft by 12 ft vinyl storage shed installed in my backyard. The exterior of the shed must match the exterior colors of my home.
1 Answers
We are an online retailer only and do not offer installation services. We are unable to design a shed to match your color scheme, as we are not a manufacturer. Please see the Vinyl Storage Sheds section to browse our complete selection.
Customer Service
on December 31, 2012

Robert Byram
from Lake Havasu City, AZ asked:
December 22, 2012
How does it do in extreme summer heat? I need a small storage shed at my vacation home in Lake Havasu City, AZ. It will get to 120 degrees in the summer.
1 Answers
There should be no problem with the shed itself, but you may not want to store anything heat sensitive inside the shed.
Customer Service
on December 24, 2012

Types of Sheds

There are two kinds of vinyl sheds. One is made entirely with vinyl and the other is made with metal, usually steel, that has been given a vinyl coating. Why the difference? Well, vinyl is more expensive than a lot of other building materials. In order to help offset that increase in cost many manufacturers choose to use metal, which is significantly cheaper, as the skeleton of their storage structures and just put vinyl on the exterior where its protective properties are the most important. The resulting vinyl-coated sheds are consequently less expensive, but aren't quite as strong as true vinyl buildings. Determining which variety is right for you really comes down to figuring out how much weather protection you need compared to what you can afford.

Maintenance-Free Storage

You might think that a vinyl shed requires a lot of care to retain its strength, but, in fact, the opposite is true. Vinyl structures need almost no maintenance at all. Their innate weather-resistance means they'll never require regular painting, refinishing, or treating the way other kinds of buildings do. Keeping them in top condition really is as simple as giving them a good rinse with the hose every now and then. Even vinyl-coated sheds need just a minimum of cleaning and occasional waxing.

Strong and Good Looking?

Resigned to the fate of having an eyesore of a storage shed because of your special needs? Good news! You've been given a reprieve. All of these vinyl models have a simple, contemporary design that will work well in most settings. They won't dominate the landscape nor will they get lost in the background. Larger versions tend to look like miniature houses.

Strength, good looks, ease of use - the trifecta of outdoor storage. A vinyl shed really is a great choice for homeowners in areas with extreme weather. Just don't get so carried away that you expect it to help you shovel snow.