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Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts aren't the same old fireplaces that have been around forever. They do produce heat by burning wood (the way many homeowners prefer, by the way), but they also take advantage of modern materials and construction methods to provide a level of function and efficiency that equals that found in other types of heating appliances. To go along with the ease of use and effectiveness, there are also inserts available in every size, every style, and with every type of home in mind. You can get the incredible function you demand, the style you need, and the type of fuel use you want simply by employing one of the many Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts available here.

10 Questions & 10 Answers
from Menlo, WA asked:
January 7, 2014
Do you have inserts that blow in outside air, heat it, and blow hot air in?
1 Answer
That would be a fresh air kit accessory. It gently draws outside air to the fire and provides fresh air to the fire. Then you could attach a blower accessory to blow the warmed air out into the room.
on January 7, 2014

from Philadelphia, PA asked:
January 1, 2014
How do you measure to replace a wood burning insert with the old one still in place?
1 Answer
Your best bet would be to simply remove the flashing or surround around the existing insert enough to give you access to the fireplace beyond. You simply need enough room to slip a tape measure into the fireplace to get a width, height and depth measurement.
on January 2, 2014

from VA asked:
April 25, 2013
I am looking for a fireplace insert that effectively heats when electricity goes out. Natural gas isn't available, but wood is abundant. Do you have anything that would work?
1 Answer
Any of these woodburning fireplace inserts are a good option for your friend. Before we can make a suggestion, we'll need to know the following: Is it a brick/masonry unit or a manufactured model? What are the dimensions (front width, rear width, opening height, depth) and the existing chimney height?
on April 25, 2013

from Orleans, MA asked:
April 17, 2013
I am interested in putting a two sided wood burning firebox on an exterior wall. Do you have anything that could be used that way?
1 Answer
Currently, we do not carry any see through wood burning fireplaces that allow for fixed glass or one side to be on an exterior wall. With all of the see through wood burning units that we carry, the doors must always be opened while the fireplace is in operation. Leaving the doors closed, or having a solid pane of glass fabricated can result in the unit overheating, or possibly causing the glass to shatter due to the excess heat.
on April 17, 2013

from San Fran, CA asked:
March 30, 2013
I have a Heatilator EC36 Z/C fireplace. Heatilator says that wood inserts can be installed into this EC36 fireplace, but they would not say which brands. Do you have anything that will work?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, there is a grey area between manufacturers of fireplaces and wood burning inserts. Both parties state that their products can only be used with a corresponding item that is specifically tested and listed for the fireplace/insert. In practice, manufacturers do not employ this procedure. As such, it is generally accepted that if a manufacturer states that an insert can be used in their firebox, any insert that states it can be used in a manufactured fireplace can be installed. The primary issue with the EC36 is the opening height. Per manufacturer specs, it is only 21 inches in height at the opening, which is too small to fit any insert that we carry. As such, another manufacturer would need to be used. I apologize that we do not carry an insert for your needs.
on April 1, 2013

from Fairfield, CT asked:
March 4, 2013
Is it possible to replace a woodburing stove as seen in the attached photo with a woodburning fireplace insert and use the existing vent pipe? I dont like the look of the existing stove and would prefer more of a traditional fireplace.
1 Answer
Unfortunately, no. A zero-clearance woodburning fireplace would require the appropriate class A chimney pipe from the top of the unit, and the chimey system you have in place would not be feasible. Your only option for utilizing the existing pipe would be another wood stove model.
on March 4, 2013

from Santa Claus, IN asked:
February 21, 2013
We have a fireplace that was originally wood, but was converted to gas. How can we find out if we can install a wood-burning insert now to help with heating our house? What needs to happen with the chimney for venting of a wood-burning insert?
1 Answer
You will need to be sure of two things when considering a wood-burning insert for your fireplace. First, the manufacturer and model number of the wood-burning fireplace itself; second, the manufacturer of the wood-burning insert and whether it has been tested and listed for use within your exact model of fireplace. All of the wood-burning inserts we sell require a 6" stainless steel liner attached to the top of the unit and run the entire length of the chimney; this would need to be installed within your (presumably) manufactured chimney pipe.
on February 21, 2013

from Watkinsville, GA asked:
February 3, 2013
I have a prefab fireplace that was added some years after the house was built. It has fire brick lining the bottom and sides. Is it compatible with a wood burning insert?
1 Answer
Due to the excess heat and weight that tend to accompany a fireplace insert, only the manufacturer of the fireplace you currently have installed would be able to confirm the use of a fireplace insert into your fireplace. If you could respond with the manufacturer information and model number, we would be able to look into this for you.
on February 4, 2013

from Marlborough,MA asked:
January 6, 2013
We have a wood burning insert and it has 2 fans on the outside of the bottom of the insert. Do the fans blow in or out of the insert?
1 Answer
The most common function of the blowers is to pull cool air from the floor, circulate the cool air around the back of the box, then force the warmed air through the top of the fireplace.
on January 7, 2013

from Connecticut asked:
December 30, 2012
When measuring for a wood-burning insert, shall I take the firebrick out and glass doors off?
1 Answer
Generally, measurements would be taken with any and all firebrick or liner panels in place. However, removing the glass doors is recommended to get a true measurement of the front opening.
Customer Service
on December 31, 2012