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Mosquito Magnet Accessories

Mosquito Magnet Accessories are a critical part of the function of your mosquito trap. The particular accessories you choose can increase the trap's life and can significantly affect your overall catch rate. We'll look at some of the more important accessories, what they do, and how each can contribute to getting the most out of your pest control device.


Octenol or Lurex?

This is an important question for many trap owners. Octenol is a naturally occurring by-product that is found in plants and some animals. When used in conjunction with the carbon dioxide that mosquito traps of this kind produce, Octenol has been shown to significantly increase catch rates of mosquitoes, no-see-ums, biting midges, and other biting insects. Lurex is a newer product that has been shown to be particularly effective in attracting Asian Tiger Mosquitoes. In many areas Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are the dominant pest, and in these areas Lurex is almost always the best attractant to use. The carbon dioxide the trap produces will attract biting insects on its own but, depending on the type of insect in your area, adding one of these additional attractants can make your trap even more effective. Both Octenol and Lurex packets tend to last about three weeks, so keeping a regular supply on hand will maximize results.

Other Important Additions

Donít forget about the items that keep your trap in the best shape possible. Propane tank covers and protective trap covers can help protect the trap from the elements during periods of use or between uses. To make the operation efficient on a continuing basis, things like replacement CO2 cartridges, replacement nets, and replacement battery packs can be indispensable. Clearing the trap and replacing elements that have become dirty, clogged, or brittle over time is an essential part of making sure that you consistently trap and contain the maximum amount of annoying winged pests in your intended area of coverage.

Getting the right insect trap is the first step. Once you have the right trap, though, making sure it operates up to its full potential is just as critical as that initial selection. From regular maintenance to adding attractants to replacing worn elements, Mosquito Magnet Accessories are the best way to make sure your family and your property are provided the maximum amount of protection your trap can offer.