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Mosquito Magnet

Spending nine months out of the year indoors simply isn't an option for many property owners. It would kind of defeat the purpose of having potentially enjoyable outdoor areas. For many years now, Mosquito Magnets have allowed homeowners, farm owners, and people with other outdoor properties to reclaim areas for personal use that used to be dominated by mosquitoes and other winged pests. You, too, can take back outdoor spaces previously owned by mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies, and more - with these superior mosquito traps.


How It Works

These traps use a really simple, yet ingenious combination of science and insect behavior to help rid areas of annoying bugs. To put it simply, biting insects generally identify potential meals (in this case people) by the carbon dioxide we give off. Mosquito Magnet traps use a normal propane tank and catalyze that propane, giving off a combination of carbon dioxide, heat, and moisture that fools biting insects into thinking they’ve located a human target. Bugs move in closer to investigate, and by the time they figure out that the trap isn’t a human being, they’re too close to escape and are sucked into the containment net by the vacuum force the trap generates. The winged predators dehydrate and die in the following hours, leading to an increasingly mosquito-free environment in the surrounding area over a continued period of use.


Now we’ll address common concerns some prospective owners have by identifying a few facts. First of all, the nature of the attraction utilized by Mosquito Magnets only attracts biting insects, so friendly insects like butterflies, grasshoppers, and other non-biting bugs don’t generally investigate the trap. Secondly, people in different areas have different pests and, while the trap uses the same basic principle in every case, attractants that are specifically tailored to attract certain pests can be added to the trap, increasing the catch rate. There are models that run with simple electrical cords from a household outlet and models that are cordless and operate on battery power. It’s important to note that many of these traps offer coverage of an acre or more, all of them offer silent, continuous operation that consistently decreases the pest population the longer they’re in use, and they are safe for operation near pets, in populated areas, or close to the house itself. This is widely regarded as the best mosquito trap on the market, and all Mosquito Magnets ship the same business day.


As a quick final note, there are a few add-ins to consider. There are attractants like Lurex and Octenol you can add to your trap to further attract regionally specific winged insects, replacement nets that keep your trap clear and operating at peak efficiency, and battery packs, CO2 cartridges, propane tank covers and more to outfit the trap for every season. Whether they’re for regular maintenance or to upgrade the trap, accessories are an important part of the trap’s function.

Every property owner would like to be able to enjoy their property freely. Some people think the price of that enjoyment is burning multitudes of bug candles, having some weird-blue electric zapper hanging overhead, or spending the summer doused in insect repellant. Other people opt for a much simpler, much more effective, and much more economical approach in the long run. Nothing allows you greater access to your outdoor areas and greater protection from biting bugs than by using a Mosquito Magnet insect trap to protect your family, friends, and your overall outdoor enjoyment.